Kodō (鼓 童)

島 - Sado ( 市 市Sado-shi) / 戦争 - Tobe! Dakota ( Fly, Dakota, Fly! )

Lago Kamo isla Sado:


(en japonés : 湖 茂 湖

Hepburn : Kamo-ko )

Recipe for Free the Souls...

Dory will Sing...And Sun will Rise...                                                       Photograph by my Parents

The Torii-Recipe:


- One Cave(...).

- One Rock for Roll.

- Woods.

- Rooster-Birds.

- And Light, more Light for Free the Soul.




Mithological Recipe of the Past.


Revived and written by Patricia Gómez Docampo (Diana).


Drawings by Patricia G.D. (d).


¡Stones&Legend of Japan!

Pic by my Parents.


...Ready! Let it Roll...Let's Rock&Roll.



Ingredients for...