The CountDown

Krónos The Titan Injured...

Chronic injury...


Inner Infected...By Timeless Ill.

Temporary Interference, temporary madness...




Emitter and receiver..

Marked  Birth.



Accept the charge!

Work for Seers..


...Hidden work

Reviewing  texts...

bold and hungry afraid

An strange evolution, with inflections of involution.


Failure system?

Lack of time coordination


Enough with a single Physical...For transfer psychological


With regression process

Meticulous writing

Fitting pieces

Compatible souls

Emitter and receiver..


Lyrics are dancing and  Collapsing on the mind

Careful handling of ours hands

Forensic events performing

Autopsy of life


To search the truly  answer

In coded codes...

Do you enjoy? Magnificent work!


Give a moment for understand

Mind  digesting “Fate” creating




satiate curiosity

Seductive madness

All this transfer.


Your  handling... deserve recognition

Who are you!? Who are me!?... 


We are...

We are a body...than will turn in dust

We have a body that no decided to have

We control a body, but only a part

Have a possession than we will lose

But only a part.

Your Countdown start since the born!

Take your time...There they  are...The questions and answers...Enjoy

Life  turn in Memories

May be the eternal possession


Who are you?


Who are me?



We are  present?

A past?

Future never be

Live in the moment.

Drawing sketches of future

All is a continue Present!

feed memories to no forget who we are

so much questions


No response

Or if?

Are you sure you want to be a  seeker? Take care in not become in a sicker

The process of searching requires mental strength, do not fall into mental illusions

Faith in my senses and  doubt all sense


A clear conclusion

We risk all life... living.


And...To risk the life dying!


To find the Last Answer.

Become in the Strange partners Live and Death...


Live the search...

...Death for Transfer.


Heaven and Hell


Goodness and Badness

Flesh and Soul

Hate and Love

One part of All and All part of One


the Yin and Yang of the Eternal Universe Equilibrium

The Greatest and Glorious Game

The everlasting covenant to be possible existence

Creator and Creation the One and The All

The bigest present you done

give part of you who will return to yourself

The One The All.

The Infinite TRansFer.



Poetic and Machine Red Pic's By Patricia Gómez Docampo (Diana)

Mutation Machine

IT  is corrupting his inner..

taking it control.