Twins Embryos Souls.

Since the Universal  Big-Bang our bipolar matter was engendering in the nucleus.


In the Absolute Void of the Cosmos.


We wait...Wait...Eternal waiting Time....

For explode...And Spread the Seeds.


Born in the Highest Hot of Fire.


Universal Law...All must Roll and Roll.

Roll baby! Time for play.


All go around...Life is a continous movement.


Only paralyzed by the Death.


Death is the Return to the Dark Matter Again.

Zigote...The way of Life.



create..Live...Divide...Separate...Part...Make Life!

Preparing Expansion.

Twin Embryos.


Opposite poles.


Created in equilibrium, in balance of forces.

To keep the balance straight.


Univeral Duality.

nothing exists in the stillness.


Everything is a continuous transformation.



Separated, divided ... 

In gravitational support in Dark Matter.



Intended, predestined in different ways.



Inner opposite-points that collide on two-sided magnets.




Both with points of mutual opposite presence.



The world is an absolutely fascinating place.

To make possible the existence.


Inside out...and from the outside inwards...Would be one amazing travel for discover.





mørk Mor til Dagen


Gjøre far Til Tid


Skal det hjelpe meg?


Å angre rotet, eller plottet av en slik enorm klut


der jeg er fanget?




Fortell meg nå, mor til dagen!


Far går tapt uten liv.

Dark Hole Pit in the Space

Breaking the  Rules-Time.


let me fall into your abyss...

I need turn back time...

There is one Point...And I dessire reach to it.

Long Before.






Written by Patricia Gómez Docampo (Diana)