Getting into the Fog...

Fog Road

I walk in the fog of my memory.

Flashes of light bring me images of the past.

The roots of the earth want to chained me to the field.

But I need to continue my way!

I follow the trail with all my senses.

 But this fog distorts all my sense.

I am blinded In a dark space.

My Hands are in advance.

Trying  to read the way to forward.

My courage goes behind.

Trying to stop my steps by the Fear.

Fear I can read between sounds emitted intermittently.

I feel like lines and small points of light in the fog

IT is talking to me!?

my skin becomes cold.

but my inside is on fire.

My heart gallops violently.

My breathing does not get Off.

Cold embrace of the frozen Wind.

What is all this I'm feeling?

What is all this void that envelop me?

lost in this labyrinth of branches and trees

And I’m blindly!

Distant sounds

Minimum points

In three time

What is all this?

I'm the Seeker?

Or are You look for me?

Can I see blurred looks in the middle of all this?



who? is It!?...



- ..- .-.-.  So what? .. .-.-.



-- .. / .--. .-. . ... .- .-.-.



All this!?



I am only a little child, playing between the Trees Forest, jumping between the stones...

I had losted in the Fog Road, trying to find my Path again.

Are there more than One to play?




Written by Patricia Gómez Docampo (Diana)