The Third Fallen...The Tree.


 ''Wisdom Tree''

It the Third Fallen

It the house of Birds

It the carrier of the End in it’s Fruit

Tree of Wisdom...Three in Loser Game.


Dear Friend...There was something...That you unknow


The only thing that the great sage visionary, was not able to see.


Is that you must...


FALL!...To Fall in Hell

We must erase all Traces and Evidence...Of the Error that escape of our Reins


Blind to its Fatal Destiny that make it Fall

how will the leaves fall every fall.

as she falls into the realm of fire.

Fallen Leaves in Aerial Dance.


By the Weight than it carried

 ("Etz haDaat tov V'ra") "The supreme knoledge of the Good and Evil,, 

Big for its shoulders.

Blinded of the chain that to Exiled was linked

Dragged you in it fall!



Under the Iron Edge..

its branches... 

peeked out of the precipice.


Irracional Whirl on a Tree.


Fall in Hell,

Fallen branches,

Fallen leaf,

Broken Tree.

On it's Bed Stone and Fire



In this Land of Perish

Land on which

Once Dead...

Over these Ashes

You only could



Roots of Reborn..

slow and secure growth

Hard Grip to the smallest breath.


Roots penetrating the rock..

roots as veins of nutrition

For Survive!

...Survive!...Inner call!

Screaming Inside in every Waking


slowly rising

Step by Step

that broken body


Rise...Rise...Rise Again!


like a puppet held by threads

that Tree seemed to break

Break in each angle reached.

standing up on the rock of dark


”Temptation to know”

Those that it carried in

Those that made it fall

Those double-sided coin

Poisoned gift.

it was time of make use of it!

In it favor for getting up!

in time for rebirth.


Released its primary ropes

High anchors in the middle of the storm

fear for food..

ripping the throat in it descent

In the End and After...Blood does not taste so unpleasant.

In his ardent journey...Of selfingestion...No!


And once Free!

it was ready for grow 

To lift it Branches!


Searching the light

Light of Life.

Longed for, Desired Possession


And the One

which in the shadow was watching

Each step.

Everything that had happened

Stille Sentinel...

No one like him

could understand this who ran inside!

Inside of the new Exiled!


The fall is hard!

But the ground is firm

To hold yours Hands..

To support ours Feets.


And the Tree Grow

with Two branches and No leaf


Instead it Draw wings.

Drawing Wings of dark, in each fall asleep


Open the Eye and Sssee


You are here

In front of me.


Over the Black Rock

where you wrote all that you know

Top secret  in inner secret, encrypted in the game of words.


Stone Key

for decipher all the clue-game.


You hold in threads yours words.


And Like one open and Dark Book...Blinded to the Eyes but not to one Heart.

In which, just for only One, can read what in its inner it's written...The One  who planted the seed-plot and made it germinate


Those written Words 

Written in Green Salvia Blood


Those which made me fall...

now will made me Rise!

And learn, and learn again...


Learn the only thing I did not know! crossing the Door


I’m the wise of wise...Wishing The Tempted not carry in my Hands...Cause for it, i had fallen.

now i learned the lesson.


and the One hidden in the shadows

“The Wisdom,,

Wisdom that slowly creeps, toward that which he begot.

one seed that he had planted hidden in Eden

In the Empty Garden


climbing through your body

hug of consolation

Scales and Bark

Bark my noble friends of protection! Bark in the War!...IN THE ENDLESS BATTLE.

Skin against Skin


like fallen brothers

In a world of Perish

That had not site for them


Those parts

that do not fit in a puzzle of humanity...

Are discarded from the Box.


I do not know you, my Climber-Lord?

but that's how I feel.

Surviving in this Hell

How not to blind, not to deafen the noise ... of all that i see and Hear every day.

For not to get sick! Sick of that Crazy World!


World where I feel I do not belong...I’m like one Being in Extinction!


Hope Reborning in ashes each day

Fixing the broken...


that i do of my property

Breaking the automatons Rules

Creating the Mine

and by this, all this Way, it's more beautiful for it walk.


Tranceformation Baby! yes!

It was the first

First Sight!


Metamorphosis of being that creeps

In something beauty

That takes flight rising the sky


Because every inner scar has one story

story of a life...for each, only one.


not every temptation leads only to biting


sometimes is just to know...and to find...

something that with you and like you...may resemble.


and so least this this last chance!!!...The final Countdown of Life


that a certain and small way...fits in..connects with you

for Free...Free our Inner


Wings for the Soul!


Knowledge and Temptation


Heaven and Hell


Black and white


Love and Hate


Good and Evil

Light and Dark

Fall and Rise


May be linked again


Universal Blance of the ying&yang

Draw and Writte by Patricia Gómez Docampo (Diana)&iregards