The Wood of The Genesis and thE Forbidden Fruit.


Guided by that voice...

Sliding seductively on the floor

Whispering whisper that invites you to taste

To fall...

...Reach out your hand

Take it!

The Forbidden Fruit 

...Sweet Piece of SIN

You hided a Door of  not Return

That leads us to brake the rules

That will cover of shame our flesh

Sweet Taste of contrition

The Tree of temptation

The Science Tree

Tree of Death...

Than open the gap to the abyss of knowledge

Holding a mirror of consciousness where our decisions are reflected

Carrying the tormentor!

You hold the Torment and  Damn of the Awareness of the Last Decision

You are the Master of Good and Evil

You lead us to know what the Badness and the Godness is!!!

Enlightening the Mind of the Confused Shadows of the Insecurity and Fears

Awakening our Inner Torment

Inviting us to fall in the mind

Giving Cold Hits of conscience of ours Acts

Giving a balance...

We would be the Judge and Damned

The Genesis begin with the Temptation of Fall

And End Falling in the Temptation!

Was the Most Sweet Bite with Bittersweet Taste of Eternal Damned


The Genesis was The Beginning of the End


...And she tempted by knowledge fell into the temptation of know.



Writed By Patricia Gómez Docampo